Public Adjusters: An Introduction

Most people in the world find the process of following up an insurance claim tedious and one that involves many procedures that are time consuming. This is because of the processes that must be following that include: damage assessment, analysis and documentation of the claim. This has necessitated the registration of companies and individuals as insurance claim adjusters. Insurance claim adjusters are basically firms that are licensed to aid claimants follow up and have their claims settled in good time. They have a legal basis of operation and are formed by experts in the insurance sector. Their work basically involves reading and understanding contents on the policy document that the claimant signed prior to getting insurance cover for a property. This helps the firm to know how to negotiate with the insurance company for the settlement of the claim.

Insurance claim adjusters may be freelance operators or employees of an insurance company. Employees of an insurance company who carry out claim adjustment are called staff adjusters. They basically help the claimant to expedite the process of claim settlement on behalf of the company. Independent adjusters on the other hand are freelance adjusters whose services are employed by insurance companies on contractual basis when need arises. They do the same job as staff operators the only difference being that they are in private practice. However, there are other Public Adjuster who are fully independent. These are called public adjusters. They are basically adjusters who do not have any affiliation to insurance companies and only work directly with insurance claimants.

For one to employ the services of public claim adjusters, the insurance company must have recognized and accepted the claim request. This then paves way for the public adjuster to do damage assessment. In case of fire damage, the extent of damage is established in order to guide the company on the extent of settlement sought. The public adjuster then prepares relevant documents to support the claim sought on behalf of the claimant. Before reaching the insurance company, the public adjuster and claimant must in agreement on the claim being sought. It is after this step that the public adjuster seeks dialogue with the insurance company. An adjuster has legal mandate to negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the claimant. The main aim of the negotiations is to come to an agreement on the extent of damage inflicted on the insured asset hence agree on the amount of settlement.

Public adjusters charge a fee to the claimant. The fee is flexible from one adjuster to the other and has a correlation with the claim that is being sought. Most Wisconsin Public Adjuster opt to have their charge being a percentage of the value of the property for which the claimant seeks compensation.